“Verily, Allah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves” (Qur’an 13:11)


We build ideas into high impact sustainable organization to protect, preserve and promote the role of our faith in civil society.


We have currently started our latest incubation; this will be the means of our the service for the long term. We welcome your interest in building this idea into a reality for a better society.


The best way to add value to our mission is to make it your own. Learn more about how you can do that.


In 2006 a journey started to bring to life the spirit of Islam. A wonderful vision to ‘see a world where every Muslim can live faithfully to their belief building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity’ illuminated to lives of countless Muslim professionals from Australia to Canada.

Within 10 years, 10 countries were seeking to bring the vision to life with programs that made for a stronger civil society. Thriving in Western countries, the model successfully delivered what became household brands such as AlKauthar Institute, National Zakat Foundation and Charity Right.

Today we stand committed to further developing innovative programs to serve Islam and Muslims in the United Kingdom. We are currently seeding a number of initiatives to support vulnerable people, and are developing our latest ventures, the UK’s largest community Waqf program to build long term financial depth to all our endeavours.

Mercy Mission UK is proud of the family it has helped create in the UK of inspired Muslim professionals leading on programs of genuine benefit to the whole community.


Our work in the UK in recent years has focused on responding to the needs of vulnerable people. We are currently working with refugees seeking to settle in the UK from camps in the Middle East, asylum-seeking communities in Bradford and London aspiring for their youth to achieve more and exploring the role of young scholars in contemporary civic life.

You can download our 2018-19 impact report to learn more about what we do and the role you can play in making us better at doing what we aim to.


Mercy Mission UK is proud of the family it has helped create in the UK of inspired Muslim professionals leading on programs of genuine benefit to the whole community.

All those with an interest in the work of Mercy Mission UK are encouraged to visit and even support those organisations we established and help their growth.



Programmes we have successfully incubated:

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Mercy Mission UK is a key incubator that has delivered strong and successful projects for society at large from the last decade. From 2019, we are moving our focus from internal incubation to a venture philanthropy approach, financed through a community Waqf.

Waqf (Endowment in English) has long been a keystone of Islamic civil society development. From the very first Waqf established by the Prophet Muhammad’s companion, Uthman ibn Affan, Islamic civilasions have flourished through the utilisation of Waqf structure.

 Mercy Mission UK – today stands commitedto revive this tradation with its own Waqf in the United Kingdom to serve the need of the community. We are firm in our belief that a stronger Muslim community, makes for a stronger civil society. The better our performance on social indices, the stronger the position from which to articulate and improve people’s understanding of who we really are and what we stand for.


We want your support, so you too can be part of the wonderful ideas we are building into the community infrastructure of today. To be able to truly flourish it is critical you take a strategic view with us on the needs and priorities of the community, and then invest with us.




Mercy Mission UK has a team of dedicated team members which research, define, refine and incubate innovative community development projects.

For any questions in regards to any of our social programs or if you have any other question, you can get in touch with us by phone or email and we will do our best to get in touch in a prompt manner.


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