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We are Europe's leading Islamic donor advised fund. We specialise in ensuring the families we work with achieve the best results with their philanthropy. Join us and make the world a better place.
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Bring positive change to the world

Our specialist team takes pride in assisting you and your family throughout the process, ensuring smooth administration, minimising risks, and directing your funds to the best causes in the world. Making your philanthropy a truly fulfilling experience.

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We take a proactive role in managing your contributions, assessing charities through extensive research to ensure your donations are tailored to your specific goals, achieving the greatest good possible.

Making a differencemade easy

Discover how our DAF offers a more stress-free approach to supporting the causes you care about, helping you make a real impact on the world without the usual headaches.

How We Make Giving Easy

Peace of Mind

We manage your contributions, conducting extensive research on charities, ensuring each donation is tailored to your specific goals.

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Reduce Costs

We offer tax advantages, lower administrative fees, and potential investment growth, ensuring your donations directly benefit charitable causes.

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Save Time

We handle everything for you. Just tell us the causes you’re passionate about, and we'll take care of the rest, making sure your giving journey is hassle-free.

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Lets build your legacy from today

Mercy Mission UK is a boutique charity focussed on using its vast skills and experience to help donors build a legacy that future generations will be proud of.