Halloween Is Here. It’s not that scary, but something else is…

Its Halloween and we can see the country gripped by Halloween fever. The shops are full, the pumpkin flavour coffees are in our favourite cafes, and every advert has a ghoul popping up. However, in all truth, this is nothing to fear, and even our children know it. One thing that should scare us though […]

Its Time To Embrace The Truth…

“Oh you who believe, be upholders of justice – witnesses for Allah, even though against (the interest of) your selves or the parents, and the kinsmen. One may be rich or poor, Allah is better caretaker of both. So do not follow desires, lest you should swerve. If you twist or avoid (the evidence), then, […]

Ramadan Campaign Launched!

We are the believers in Muhammad. The final messenger of God.

His example is one that is truly irresistible.

End Hate.

We have to recognise we live in a time where our cell phones have given us the power to be lobbyists, news channels, and ultimately agents for change.

Slavery Is Dead. Long Lives Slavery.

As the son of a refugee and migrant from India, it has always been an uncomfortable reality to observe the statutes of those people responsible for the killing and death of so many yet venerated in Britain.

Long Lost Friends Return

In the early days, we saw the loo roll hoarder. We saw the sanitizer nester. We even saw the paracetamol stock piler.