We develop  innovative projects.

Mercy Mission UK is keen to ensure that we are able to better understand community needs and engage civic structures to cocreate.

About Ideas Accelerator

We will help you develop your ideas and give them a future.

All projects are incubated by Mercy Mission World until they are able to establish their own governance and localized infrastructure. The work of the organization focuses on two broad concerns

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Success stories.

Mercy Mission has been empowering young people to rebuild their futures for over 25 years

The Launch of A Unique Service

Civic engagement is at the heart of a Muslim community.

Seeding A Cultural Evolution

East Riding Community Foundation Trust was established to bring communities together

Enabling A High Potential Leader

Yaseen Youth Centre was established to empower and inspire

Engaging A Man Driven To Life Contemporary Scholarship

Imam DP is pioneering a renaissance in the value of an Imam

Supporting Success Over The Final Hurdle

Barnet Refugee Service provides phenomenal support to refugees, we committed to help

Enabling A New Age of Faith Led Education

Seven Skies International Was Born To Make Dreams Reality.

It's important to build plans with a focus on responding to changing realities.

Mercy Mission supports projects and ideas that help the Muslim community the UK respond to the realities of our time.