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We are the believers in Muhammad. The final messenger of God. His example is one that is truly irresistible.
Ramadan is set to start at the end of this week. It is a month which always captures the attention of the British public.
We have to recognise we live in a time where our cell phones have given us the power to be lobbyists, news channels, and ultimately agents for change.
As the son of a refugee and migrant from India, it has always been an uncomfortable reality to observe the statutes of those people responsible for the killing and death of so many yet venerated in Britain.
In the early days, we saw the loo roll hoarder. We saw the sanitizer nester. We even saw the paracetamol stock piler.
Early on, we launched an exclusive COVID-19 Survival Guide for Refugee Businesses to support entrepreneurs through the global economic shutdown.


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