We are  confident in our community

We are working relentlessly to mature and support new leaders for our community. If you wish to push yourself and rise to the challenges of our time, consider our Future Leaders Program.

About Leadership Academy

Our model is simply to create tested blueprints for bettercommunities

All projects are incubated by Mercy Mission until they are able to establish their own governance and localized infrastructure. The work of the organization focuses on building leadership and the financial resources to succeed.

Success stories.

Mercy Mission has been empowering young people to rebuild their futures for over 15 years

Iqbal Nasim

Discovered a passion for the chief financial instrument of Islam as it were, Zakat, and wanted to focus on truly establishing this pillar in the UK.

Sajad Mahmood

Provided creative direction and leadership in fundraising for a number of years at Mercy Mission UK.

Shadim Hussain

His focus was responding to the needs of young people and those trying to navigate the care system.

Akhter Raouf

Brought traditional islamic learning to a new generation of students in 35 cities across the world through AlKauthar.

Akmal Saleem

After exiting the country’s first Islamic challenger bank he co-founded, Akmal joined Mercy Mission UK’s incubation, the One Endowment Trust. Within weeks he spearheaded a major pivot in the world’s first digital endowment offering, and co-founded Waqfinity.

It's important to build plans with a focus on responding to changing realities.

Mercy Mission supports projects and ideas that help the Muslim community the UK respond to the realities of our time.