Ramadan Campaign Launched!

We are the believers in Muhammad, the final messenger of God and upon whom be peace and blessings.

His example is one that is truly irresistible. We relish in eating like him, drinking like him, dressing like him, praying like him, caring like him, giving like him. In all truth, we even name our children like him, and even after him, because we just love to live like him.

We love him more than most will ever know, even more than our very souls. So when people seek to defame in search of building a name, it upsets.

It distresses.

It brings us to tears.

Not because it affects him in anyway, but it reflects they just don’t know him. They cannot find solace from the pain of this time, warmth from the cold of the day, happiness in the sorrow that surrounds.


Let us come together. Let us share the reality of our beloved. Let us present his message. Let us free people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of understanding.

What was meant to make us all rich, put most of us in debt. What was meant to give us a voice, silenced us under the wealth of its paymasters. This is a time like no other, where people need to just have confidence in themselves once more. Reach out to neighbours, engage strangers and start a conversation about a more caring, united and understanding society.  

We believe that the life of the final messenger, is a blueprint for community dialogue and engagement. We want to celebrate all those wonderful qualities that bring joy to Muslims, talk about the misunderstandings and enjoy better times.

This Ramadan we are seeking to focus just on that; the life of the final messenger and encouraging people of all faiths and none, to explore it. The man who God named, ‘Mercy to The World’s, is one whose example brings so much happiness to the soul, and genuinely inspires to meet every challenge with a smile, with every trial with beautiful patience and every happiness with gratitude.

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We are the believers in Muhammad. The final messenger of God. His example is one that is truly irresistible.
Ramadan is set to start at the end of this week. It is a month which always captures the attention of the British public.
We have to recognise we live in a time where our cell phones have given us the power to be lobbyists, news channels, and ultimately agents for change.

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