We  strive to provide an opportunity for development.

Mercy Mission UK is keen to ensure that we are able to better understand community needs and engage civic structures to cocreate.


We want your victories just like you.

In the summer of 2021, God willing, we will be launching our new leadership program. Its focus will be working with social entrepreneurs that are eager to show the light of our faith through exemplary social impact endeavours.

Leadership Academy

We are  courageous in who we are.

We are confident in our ability to bring about positive change. Having built a stable of high impact organisations over the last 15 years, we are eager to work with a new generation of high potential young people to make for a better tomorrow.

Ideas Accelerator

We develop innovative projects.

Since 2006 we have had the pleasure to work with a large number of ambitious, inspired and driven individuals. We have also been blessed with a select number of strategic and well informed donors that have supported our efforts in improving life chances for so many different people. We are proud to leverage this network for those that wish to solve the problems of tomorrow and can do so shining the light of our faith in doing so.

Our impact for the UK Muslim community.

Projects funded
Families helped
Scholarships provided
Jobs created

Latest updates.

It's important to build plans with a focus on responding to changing realities.

Mercy Mission UK is actively engaged with the diverse tapestry of stakeholders which make up contemporary society. We believe in unity there is prosperity.

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