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You contribute funds and we take care of it, matching your wealth with causes you're passionate about.

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Why Use our DAF?

Unlike other wealth management funds, we understand the profound importance behind every donation you entrust to us.

Which is why we're committed to ensuring your money will always go where it's needed and aligns with your values.

Give with

We take a proactive role in managing your contributions, assessing charities through extensive research to ensure your donations are tailored to your specific goals, achieving the greatest good possible.

Activity reports

We will conduct thorough investigations into charities, ensuring their legitimacy.

Account safeguards

As a third-party we keep you insulated if you'd prefer to donate anonymously.

Quality screening

We also meticulously research charities to ensure they are worth investing in.

Your giving

Discover why using our DAF is a smarter, stress-free way to support causes you care about compared to other giving options and help make a real impact without the usual headaches.

Giving process simplified

We simplify the donation process, sparing you the usual headaches.

Stress-free giving

Know your contributions are making a tangible impact, without the added worries.

Philanthropic impact maximised

We amplify the impact of your donations, ensuring they benefit those who need it.

How it works?

  • 1

    Book a consultation

    We learn more about you, exploring which causes resonate with you most.

  • 2

    Tailor-made donations

    We find the best projects that meet your specific criteria for the highest impact.

  • 3

    Transparency reports

    We provide you regular reports, detailing the impact your contributions are making.

Frequently asked

  • Founded in 2007 we started our journey incubating projects. From there we quickly evolved to establishing our donor-advised fund, committed to matching your wealth with causes you’re passionate about, impacting real lives through real, positive change.

  • For detailed information, please visit our What's a DAF? page.

  • However much you feel is necessary. Once the funds are entrusted to us, we assume comprehensive oversight, researching charities to ensure they are worth investing in, saving you time and energy.

  • That’s entirely up to you. While we manage your money, it’s you who decides which cause or charity it goes to. Every donation you entrust to us is then ethically and morally invested in ways that align with your values. It’s why your money always goes where it’s needed most.

  • Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on the results you want. If you want to be more proactive about your philanthropic activities and have more control over your funds, then a foundation is definitely the way to go.

    DAFs are the opposite. You donate your wealth to us, with a cause in mind and then it’s up to us to find a charity that best meets your criteria, saving you time and energy.

  • There are a number of ways to get the most out of your DAF. Here’s just a few to think about:

    1. Develop a strategic giving plan. Outline your charitable goals, identify causes you’re passionate about, and establish criteria for selecting organisations to support.
    2. If you prefer to keep your donations private, DAFs allow you to make grants anonymously.
    3. Use your DAF to support a diverse range of causes and organisations. This allows you to have a broader impact and address various societal needs.

Start your giving journey today

No more guesswork. We match your wealth with causes you care about.